Chemistry NCERT Textbook for Class 12

Book : Part 1

Chemistry Complete Book: Part 1

Chapter 1: Solid State

Chapter 2: Solution

Chapter 3: Electro Chemistry

Chapter 4: Chemical Kinetics

Chapter 5: Surface Chemistry

Chapter 6: General Principles of Extractions

Chapter 7: P Block Elements

Chapter 8: D and F Block Elements

Chapter 9: Coordination Compounds

Answers: Chemistry Textbook Part I

Book 1: Appendix

Book : Part 2

Chemistry Complete Book: Part 2

Chapter 10: Haloalkanes Haloarenes

Chapter 11: Alcohol Phenols Ethers

Chapter 12: Aldehydes Ketones and Carboxylic Acids

Chapter 13: Amines

Chapter 14: Biomolecules

Chapter 15: Polymers

Chapter 16: Chemistry in Everyday Life

Answers: Chemistry Textbook Part II

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