Economics NCERT Notes for Class 12

Macro Economics: Part 1

Chapter 1: Introduction to Macroeconomics and its Concepts

Chapter 2: National Income Accounting

Chapter 3: National Income - Basic Concepts

Chapter 4: National Income Measurements

Chapter 5: Money

Chapter 6: Banking

Chapter 7: National Income Determination and Multiplier

Chapter 8: Government Budget and the Economy

Chapter 9: Foreign Exchange Rate

Chapter 10: Balance of Payment

Indian Economic Development: Part 2

Chapter 1: Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence

Chapter 2: Indian Economy 1950-1990

Chapter 3: Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation -An Appraisal

Chapter 4: Poverty

Chapter 5: Human Capital Formation in India

Chapter 6: Rural Development

Chapter 7: Employment-Growth, Informalisation, and Related Issues

Chapter 8: Infrastructure

Chapter 9: Environment Sustainable Development

Chapter 10: Comparative Development Experience of India with its Neighbours

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