Economics Presentations for Class 11

Statistics for Economics: Part 1

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Collection of Data

Chapter 3: Organisation of Data

Chapter 4: Presentation of Data

Chapter 5.1: Measures of Central Tendency (Mean)

Chapter 5.2: Measures of Central Tendency (Median)

Chapter 5.3: Measures of Central Tendency (Mode)

Chapter 6.1: Measures of Dispersion (Range)

Chapter 6.2: Measures of Dispersion (Mean Deviation)

Chapter 6.3: Measures of Dispersion (Standard Deviation and Variation)

Chapter 7: Correlation

Chapter 8: Index Numbers

Micro Economics: Part 2

Chapter 1: Introduction to Economics

Chapter 2: Consumer Equilibrium

Chapter 3: Demand

Chapter 4: Elasticity of Demand

Chapter 5: Production

Chapter 6: Cost

Chapter 7: Supply

Chapter 8: Revenue

Chapter 9: Producer's Equilibrium

Chapter 10: Main Market Forms: Perfect Competition

Chapter 11: Main Market Forms: Non-competitive Markets

Chapter 12: Price Determination

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