Geography Presentations for Class 11

Fundamental of Physical Geography: Part 1

Chapter 1: Geography as a Discipline

Chapter 2: The Origin and Evolution of the Earth

Chapter 3: Interior of the Earth

Chapter 4: Distribution of Oceans and Continents

Chapter 5: Minerals and Rocks

Chapter 6: Geomorphic Processes

Chapter 7: Landforms and their Evolution

Chapter 8: Composition and Structure of Atmosphere

Chapter 9: Solar Radiation, Heat Balance and Temperature

Chapter 10: Atmospheric Circulation and Weather Systems

Chapter 11: Water in the Atmosphere

Chapter 12: World Climate and Climate Change

Chapter 13: Water (Oceans)

Chapter 14: Movements of Ocean Water

Chapter 15: Life on the Earth

Chapter 16: Biodiversity and Conversation

India Physical Environment

Chapter 1: India — Location

Chapter 2: Structure and Physiography

Chapter 3: Drainage System

Chapter 4: Climate

Chapter 5: Natural Vegetation

Chapter 6: Soils

Chapter 7: Natural Hazards and Disasters

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