E V S NCERT Presentations for Class 5

E V S - P P Ts

Chapter 1: Super Senses

Chapter 2: A Snake Charmer's Story

Chapter 3: From Tasting to Digesting

Chapter 4: Mangoes Round the Year

Chapter 5: Seeds and Seeds

Chapter 6: Every Drop Counts

Chapter 7: Experiments with Water

Chapter 8: A Treat for Mosquitoes

Chapter 9: Up You Go!

Chapter 10: Walls Tell Stories

Chapter 11: Sunita in Space

Chapter 12: What if it Finishes

Chapter 13: A Shelter So High

Chapter 14: When the Earth Shook

Chapter 15: Blow Hot, Blow Cold

Chapter 16: Who Will Do This Work

Chapter 17: Across the Wall

Chapter 18: No Place for Us

Chapter 19: A Seed Tells a Farmer's Story

Chapter 20: Whose Forests

Chapter 21: Like Father, Like Daughter

Chapter 22: On The Move Again

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