English Presentation for Class 9

Beehive - Text Book

Chapter 1.1: The Fun They Had (Prose)

Chapter 1.2: The Road Not Taken (Poem)

Chapter 2.1: The Sound of Music (Prose)

Chapter 2.2: Wind (Poem)

Chapter 3.1: The Little Girl (Prose)

Chapter 3.2: Rain On The Roof (Poem)

Chapter 4.1: A Truly Beautiful Mind (Prose)

Chapter 4.2: The Lake of Isle of Innisfree (Poem)

Chapter 5.1: The Snake and the Mirror (Prose)

Chapter 5.2: A Legend of the Northland (Poem)

Chapter 6.1: My Childhood (Prose)

Chapter 6.2: No Men are Foreign (Poem)

Chapter 7.1: Packing (Prose)

Chapter 7.2: The Duck and the Kangaroo (Poem)

Chapter 8.1: Reach for the Top (Prose)

Chapter 8.2: On Killing a Tree (Poem)

Chapter 9.1: The Bond of Love (Prose)

Chapter 9.2: The Snake Trying (Poem)

Chapter 10.1: Kathmandu (Prose)

Chapter 10.2: A Slumber did My Spirit Deal (Poem)

Chapter 11: If I Were You (Prose)

Moments - Supplementary

Chapter 1: The Lost Child

Chapter 2: The Adventures of Toto

Chapter 3: Iswaran, The Story Teller

Chapter 4: In the Kingdom of Fools

Chapter 5: The Happy Prince

Chapter 6: Weathering the Storm in Erasama

Chapter 7: The Last Leaf

Chapter 8: A House is not a Home

Chapter 9: The Accidental Tourist

Chapter 10: The Beggar


Chapter 1: Tenses

Chapter 2: Modals

Chapter 3: Clauses

Chapter 4: Determiners

Chapter 5: Prepositions

Chapter 6: Reported Speech

Chapter 7: Voice

Chapter 8: Subject-Verb Concord

Chapter 9: Letter Writing

Chapter 10: Report Writing

Chapter 11: Story Writing

Chapter 12: Diary Writing

Chapter 13: E-Mail

Chapter 14: Article Writing

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The lost child 2nd presentation is not about that chapter but it’s about iswaran the story teller pls fix it

Deepika Singh

This group is the most amazing group I have ever been linked to . It is full of detailed information regarding every subject, every topic! It also imbibe teachers with great ethics, knowledge and update all of us with the current scenario of CBSE curriculum. I thank you for joining me to this group. I will always be grateful and highly thankful to the E-content team. They helped me a lot in ameliorating my teaching learning skills and also reformed my personality to the greater extent.

Mrs.Nandini Anand

excellent material, I’ve not gone through completely. will discuss later. thanks

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