Science Presentation for Class 6


Chapter 1: Food Where it Does Come From

Chapter 2: Components of Food

Chapter 3: Fibre to Fabric

Chapter 4: Sorting Materials in to Groups

Chapter 5: Separation of Substances

Chapter 6: Changes Around Us

Chapter 7: Getting to Know Plants

Chapter 8: Body Movements

Chapter 9: Living Organism and Their Surroundings

Chapter 10: Motion and Measurement of Distance

Chapter 11: Light Shadow and Reflection

Chapter 12: Electricity and Circuit

Chapter 13: Fun with Magnets

Chapter 14: Water

Chapter 15: Air Around Us

Chapter 16: Garbage in - Garbage Out

Disclaimer: All contents are collected from various sources and updated at this platform to help teachers and students. If content owner (Original Creator) have any objection, Please mail us to with ID Proof, content will be removed. Thanks and Regards

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i love this wesite
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