English NCERT Textbook for Class 11

Hornbill - Text Book

Complete Book:

Chapter 1: The Portrait of a Lady

Chapter 2: We are Not Afraid to Die If We Can All Be Together

Chapter 3: Discovering Tut_ the Saga Continues

Chapter 4: Landscape of the Soul

Chapter 5: The Ailing Planet the Green Movement's Role

Chapter 6: The Browning Version

Chapter 7: The Adventure

Chapter 8: Silk Road

Writing Skills: Note Making

Writing Skills: Summarising

Writing Skills: Sub-titling

Writing Skills: Essay Writing

Writing Skills: Letter Writing

Writing Skills: Creative Writing

Snapshots - Supplementary

Complete Book:

Chapter 1: The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

Chapter 2: The Address

Chapter 3: Ranga's Marriage

Chapter 4: Albert Einstein at School

Chapter 5: Mother's Day

Chapter 6: The Ghat of the Only World

Chapter 7: Birth

Chapter 8: The Tale of the Melon City

Woven Words

Short Stories

Chapter 1 : The Lament

Chapter 2 : A Pair of Mustachios

Chapter 3 : The Rocking-horse Winner

Chapter 4 : The Adventure of the Three Garridebs

Chapter 5 : Pappachi’s Moth

Chapter 6 : The Third and Final Continent

Chapter 7 : Glory at Twilight

Chapter 8 : The Luncheon


Chapter 1 : The Peacock

Chapter 2 : Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds

Chapter 3 : Coming

Chapter 4 : Telephone Conversation

Chapter 5 : The World is too Much With Us

Chapter 6 : Mother Tongue

Chapter 7 : Hawk Roosting

Chapter 8 : For Elkana

Chapter 9 : Refugee Blues

Chapter 10 : Felling of the Banyan Tree

Chapter 11 : Ode to a Nightingale

Chapter 12 : Ajamil and the Tigers


Chapter 1 : My Watch

Chapter 2 : My Three Passion

Chapter 3 : Patterns of Creativity

Chapter 4 : Tribal Verse

Chapter 5 : What is a Good Book?

Chapter 6 : The Story

Chapter 7 : Bridges

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