English NCERT Textbook for Class 12

Flamingo - Text Book

Complete Book

Chapter 1: The Last Lesson (Prose)

Chapter 2: Lost Spring (Prose)

Chapter 3: Deep Water (Prose)

Chapter 4: The Rattrap (Prose)

Chapter 5: Indigo (Prose)

Chapter 6: Poets and Pancakes (Prose)

Chapter 7: The Interview (Prose)

Chapter 8: Going Places (Prose)

Chapter 1: My Mother at Sixty-six (Poetry)

Chapter 2: An Elementry School (Poetry)

Chapter 3: Keeping Quiet (Poetry)

Chapter 4: A Thing of Beauty (Poetry)

Chapter 5: A Roadside Stand (Poetry)

Chapter 6: Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers (Poetry)

Vistas- Text Book

Complete Book

Chapter 1: The Third Level

Chapter 2: The Tiger King

Chapter 3: Journey to the end of Earth

Chapter 4: The Enemy

Chapter 5: Should Wizard Hit Mommy

Chapter 6: On the face of it

Chapter 7: Evans Tries an O-level

Chapter 8: Memories of Childhood

Kaleidoscope - Text Book

Complete Book

Short Stories

Chapter 1: I Sell My Dreams

Chapter 2: Eveline

Chapter 3: A Wedding in Brownsville

Chapter 4: Tomorrow

Chapter 5: One Centimeter


Chapter 1: A Lecture Upon the Shadow

Chapter 2: Poems by Milton

Chapter 3: Poems by Blake

Chapter 4: Kubla Khan

Chapter 5: Trees

Chapter 6: The Wild Swans of Coole

Chapter 7: Time and Time Again

Chapter 8: Blood


Chapter 1: Freedom

Chapter 2: The Mark on the Wall

Chapter 3: Film Making

Chapter 4: Why the Novels Matters

Chapter 5: The Argumentative Indian

Chapter 6: On Science Fiction


Chapter 1: Chandalik

Chapter 2: Broken Image

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