English Lesson Plan for Class 7


Chapter 1.1: Three Questions (Prose)

Chapter 1.2: The Squirrel (Poem)

Chapter 2.1: A Gift Of Chappals (Prose)

Chapter 2.2: The Rebel (Poem)

Chapter 3.1: Gopal And The Hilsa Fish (Prose)

Chapter 3.2: The Shed (Poem)

Chapter 4.1: The Ashes That Made Trees (Prose)

Chapter 4.2: Chivvy (Poem)

Chapter 5.1: Quality (Prose)

Chapter 5.2: Trees (Poem)

Chapter 6.1: Expert Detectives (Prose)s

Chapter 6.2: Mistery of The Talking Fan (Poem)

Chapter 7.1: The Invention of Vita-Wonk (Prose)

Chapter 7.2: Dad And The Cat And The Tree (Poem)

Chapter 8.1: Fire Friend And Foe (Prose)

Chapter 8.2: Meadow Surprises (Poem)

Chapter 9.1: A Bicycle in Good Repair (Prose)

Chapter 9.2: Garden snake (Poem)

Chapter 10: The Story of Cricket (Prose)

An Alien Hand

Chapter 1: The Tiny Teacher

Chapter 2: Bringing Up Kari

Chapter 3: The Desert

Chapter 4: The Cop and The Anthem

Chapter 5: Golu Grows A Nose

Chapter 6: I Want Something in a Cage

Chapter 7: Chandni

Chapter 8: The Bear Story

Chapter 9: A Tiger In The House

Chapter 10: An Alien Hand

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Suraj Sharma


k.bala bhanu

how to down load?

Ritu Rani

How can I download these lesson plans?


This post is a game-changer, thank you!

Puspa kujur

Please send me the pdf of English lesson plan

Gavit Sunil.

I want reading letters.

Ketan Prajapati.

Please Sir,Send me Class VII English Blended learning Lesson Plan.

Indu Khandal

How can I download it?

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