English Lesson Plan for Class 8


Chapter 1.1: The Best Christmas Present in the world (Prose)

Chapter 1.2: The Ant And The Cricket (Poem)

Chapter 2.1: The Tsunami (Prose)

Chapter 2.2: Geography Lesson (Poem)

Chapter 3.1: Glimpses of The Past (Prose)

Chapter 3.2: Macavity The Mystery Cat (Poem)

Chapter 4.1: Bepin Chaudhary Lapse of Memory (Prose)

Chapter 4.2: The Last Bargain (Poem)

Chapter 5.1: The Summit Within (Prose)

Chapter 5.2: The School Boy (Poem)

Chapter 6.1: This is Jody's Fawn (Prose)

Chapter 6.2: The Duck and the Kangaroo (Poem)

Chapter 7.1: A Visit to Cambridge (Prose)

Chapter 7.2: When I Set Out For Lionesses (Poem)

Chapter 8.1: A Short Mansoon Diary (Prose)

Chapter 8.2: On The Grasshopper and Cricket (Poem)

Chapter 9: The Great Stone Face - I

Chapter 10: The Great Stone Face II (Prose)

What If So Happened

Chapter 1: How the Camel Got His Hump

Chapter 2: Children at Work

Chapter 3: Selfish Giant

Chapter 4: The Treasure Within

Chapter 5: Princess September

Chapter 6: The Fight

Chapter 7: The Open Window

Chapter 8: The Jalebis

Chapter 9: The Comet I

Chapter 10: The Comet II

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Vidhi Chhillar

Chapter 11 and 12 k lesson plan bhi add kro

Bulbul dhaked

Lesson plan of 8th class

Bulbul dhaked

Lesson plan of english for class 8th


how to dowloand

Raul Rao

Wanted Annual/Yearly Lesson Plan for class 8 SST


Hi,I want lesson plan for 8,9,10

Sagar babu

9th class lesson plan

Last edited 8 months ago by Sagar babu
Sagar babu

Please send 9th class also


I like the efforts you have put in this, regards for all the great content.


Short, sweet, and to the point. Loved it!


Cbse 9 grade English lesson plans

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